Have bought my FIRST bike!

Went out yesterday with a friend to get his tatoo done. As i pull the car up, i see the place we are going is right next to West London Suzuki . . . . . . . . .Had to have a look inside!

1 hour later, at several thousand pounds lighter, i came out with this . . .

It was not my first choice in bike, but the price seemed great, the bike looks perfect, and insurance is half the price of a GSXR 750 K1.

Cant argue with that !

I now need to sort out a chain, disk lock, boots and trousers for Thursday when i pick it up!

Oh, and remember how to ride (been a year!)


Nice. And green. Take care if you’ve not been out and about for a while, that thing’s probably better tha you are at the moment.

And it’s green.

Green is an understatement. People will be able to see me coming!

I bought a subtle coloured car in March, as i drive it every day, why not have a fun BRIGHT bike. Biggest HiVis protetion i have ever seen!

Great looking bike. I’m not a big fan of green colour but this kwacker looks very nice.

Have fun on it!

I am not that keen on the green - but good things come to those who wait . . . .

The geezers in west london suzuki are prolly the most helpfull bunch of bike dealers around. Good choice of bike, good choice of shop to buy it from.

Nice bike

They’ll probably hear you before they see you…, nice looking bike though, same as my first one, same year too. Was a good bike

But one thing… you walk in West London Suzuki… and leave with a Kawasaki… interesting!

That right? I’ve been thinking of trading mine up for a while now. Still not sure. Might check em out this weekend.

Very nice.

Did you get a standard exhaust too? If not you might have a problem next MOT time with the akra.

west london suzuki is a good shop! but i cant recommend the workshop/servicing!

Did not get a standard exhaust, picking it up on Thursday, so i will ask. Did sound a little loud when we turned her on …

They are doing a serveice and MOT before i collect it, so should be trouble free for a year at least!

Anyone know the best place to get a tail tidy, smaller plate? Looking at cleaning it up a bit!

If I am not mistaken any bike sold through a dealer needs to be road legal. So if the the akro isnt then I would speak to them before you part with your cash.


Nice bike, is this your first bike ever, cos you say you havent ridden for a year? Good starter bike regardless though. Very fast, but manageable…

Had a look at the exhaust yesterday, and his has the correct EU markings on it - The guy in the shop said it is a road can, not a race/off road use one. He said there is another baffle under the seat if i wanted it quieter.

First bike . . . . apart from the trusty BMX.

Am really happy with the look, sound and feel of it. I think the colour will take a bit of getting used to, but should be a fun couple of summer months before i get scared and put it away for the winter!

Anyone know when the next newbee meet is?


Good man!

Hehe, go easy on this one then if it really is your first one, next newbie meet is next monday (5th I think…?) at the ace, but you are also more than welcome to come along on Wednesdays to Borough Market, check the link/galleries!

Get yourself on a bikesafe or further training though, will be the best thing for you, thats where your cash should be going…

Whereabouts in london are you?

Nice one mate, ride safe buddy!


my mate had one for years, he loved. it. good innit big ed?