Hastings run tomorrow

I thought there would be more of us LBers going on this?

I’ll be at Lockbottom for 8ish

In the early sixties on the first bank holiday in May a small group of friends in Hastings used to ride up to Sidcup and back, they would the go for a drink at the Carlisle public house along the seafront. As the years went by more and more bikers joined in, and then they began to meet at Locksbottom because it was easy for everyone. he route always travelled along the A21 and still does, but since the M25 in the eighties, the short motorway section is preferred.
Its now one of the UK’s largest non organized event, with 20,000 bikers plus thousands of spectators gather in Hastings to see the masses by the sea. Bikers, Trikers and Scooters travel from all over to take part, organizing with friends where at what time to meet for the day. When you get to Hastings you are greeted by everyone there and they will even help you park your bike, thanks to bmf in Kent volunteers.

Bikers start meeting in Lockbottom between 7am and 9am and set off shortly after that. If it rains most don’t care and still turn up they just take it a lot easier. The Kent and Sussex police are always well armed with their own motorbikes marked and unmarked so do take extra care. There are loads of family’s with children that come and watch as well so please always be extra careful especially around Hastings. If you stay later in the day there is normally a tv crew wanting an interview. During the day loads of stands and people handing out free rubbish, and when you get back to your bike its bound to have a leaflet stuck in it somewhere…Have a great day and do take care.