Anyone else see that? What a ride and in seriously dogdy conditions…


I’ve worked at the BSB circuits for 4 years now, and after he treated one of my staff like a total git I’ve never really liked him. Time has told, he’s been friendly enough since, but I just never really supported him.

But damm if that isn’t proof that the guy deserves HUGE respect.


So we’ve had Button in the Formula 1, Haslam in the BSB…if good things come in threes, does that mean I’m going to lose my virginity tongiht…? At long last?
Please god please!

I’ve also heard his personality isn’t so nice, but man, he rode like a demon today, superb work in the second race, I couldn’t believe it! I feel sorry for our photo-journalists, Silver & Andrew, they’re there, in the rain, that’s dedication for you!

The spray will make for some damm fine framing of the riders though!

Wow what a ride; didn’t think he was gonna make it stick when he passed Harris but blimey gimme a set of them there tyres…

Now that was some 1st class racing… Especially in those nasty conditions…

Fair play to Monkey JNR, but Harris screwed up.

He had the pace to stay in front but didn’t realise how hard Leon was approaching.

Very entertaining!

We may even have a British born champ this year!

Absolutely mental, didn’t think for a moment that he’d actually pass Harris. Harris seemed miles ahead.

Harris backed off for the back marker, in hindsight, a bad move. I am wondering now if Ducati will put in team orders, perhaps for the last round which is double points they will. Haslam seems to be in better form than Lavilla at the moment, only three points behind in the championship now. This is getting really, really close. 3 way battle between Kiyonari, Haslam and Lavilla for the championship. Shakey a long way back in fourth.

Twas great to see a Brit on the top step once more, long may it continue.

great stuff

It frightens me how fast those guys can go in the wet!

Full respect to Andrew and Silver there services are very much appreciated as that job isnt at all easy! Well done guys!