Has scooter tolerance gone just too far.

I rode with the Rockers in Brighton during the Mods and Rockers era and regularly visited the Ace Cafe on Saturday nights for a great ride out.

In those days, if a scooter had gotton within a mile of the place it would have been panel beaten and dispatched as a flat pack.

On the recent Ace Reunion day I arrived from Stansted area at about 11.00 to find the first half mile of Madeira Parade taken up by bloody scooters. I had a hell of a job finding anywhere to park and police were handing out tickets to bikers who had to take liberties with parking as a consequence.

Now I have mellowed in old age, but still found I wanted to kick every scooter on its side. Am I alone in this?

err, no… checkout " Its Your Final Warning" Tobi expresses her feelings

on the subject very well . . .

2 different types of scooters been talked off here i think, lol.

t100 is prob on bout the mods moreso where toby is on about w@nkers and naive commuters etc, lol

Tobi? her?? Is there something someone isnt telling us?

i FULLY agree

forget the bull**** that we all ride two wheels, you have to be a certain kind of person to choose to ride a moped, and most of them exist in ponsy jobs in and arround the farringdon area!

I was quite disapointed when i went to Brighton, so much for the rockers style reunion, with mopeds there!?!?!

i wish scooter riders had a bit more respect for other 2 wheelers, when filtering thru traffic with their L plates flapping, they will neva pull in to let u pass, they just potter thru at walking pace, makes me MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

“her” feelings!
I suggest you climb on your hairdryer and see yourself out adamsky!

Tobi is a he…he hehehehe

wo wo wo, scooters arnt all bad if the rider is good? plus mine dnt look like a scooter i think?

apologies Toby, afterall I am a newbie yet to have

the pleasure of meeting you…



My “bikes” consist of a VFR, Amstrong MT500, Honda Goldwing, Honda Shadow Sidecar outfit and a 1963 Lambretta Li 150.

Sorry but if it has two wheels and an engine I’ll give it a try. Admittedly the commute is normally on the VFR but the scoot is a more relaxed toy fo the weekends when the law are on the roads.

Nay bother, that fine filly’s me missus

Lol, wait until you see them ride their scooters!

I nod to most every biker I see on the road, but cant bring myself to nod at scooters

I nod if they show some respect.

Thing is I guess I’m biased, the instructors had when learning were all “death tot he evil scooter” and they all pretty much took the same view which was the bigger bike has priority. I jsut can’ get that out of my head now, so I do nod to scooters that adhere to that rule. Scooters that don’t get driven at, inb a very straight, unswerving, direct “Mine will crush yours to death and your insurance will hate paying for my bike so if you want to play chicken keep on coming” type of straight line…

im too young to remember 1964 but my first bike was a lambretta. It was a now rare tv200 cutdown with a tuned motor. it was matt black and had a snettaton race seat.It was 1986, I was 17 years old and was a psychobilly which is basically a rocker/rockabilly with a bit of influence from the punks and skins.

we were friendly with a number of backpatch clubs and would go to functions held by the windsor chapt ha’ and the luton madcaps. the windsor chaptor would play punk skin and psychobilly music to accommodate us. it wasnt really needed though as most of us listened to heavy rock too.

I raced enduro for a bit then got into sports bikes and street fighters.

in the 90s i would knock around with the london viking scooter club who at the time had link to the outcasts london chapters. some of the vikings joined the outcasts and other friends joined the ha. im not a club type to be honest…i joined the rac incase of unforeseen breakdowns:D

I still have scooters, they are in double figures now as I can not bring myself to sell any, I still have an enduro bike and recently sold a triumph daytona 955.

i have thing for tritons with the modern speed triple motors and running gear and the thruxton cafe racer replicas.

my friends are bikers, scooterists, hotrodders or any petrol heads really. people slag off kids on mopeds and twist and go s. as much as burberry bugs me ill even make freinds with them too.

I rode a 59 lambretta to brighton this year and rode down with some scooterists and an ex mod. i confess i take the piss out of the mods as i never liked the style and likewise Im told im a 50s throwback and “where is your quif now” as i do not have enough hair upfront anymore…bugger.

on the road we were followed by a german backpatch group on harleys. they stuck with us for a bit then pulled allong side took a long look at the scooters and gave us a thumbs up and a wave as they shot off.

later into the jeorney we found ourselves riding with a couple of low riders and would race from one set of lights to the next through crawley. my 59 lammy is highly tuned and the power delivery is more like a 250 mx bike but hidden under 1950 powder blue paneling. the bikers were in hysterics that we were giving them a run for their money two up on these old scooters.

im not sure what ill be riding next year but im sure ill be condemned by someone…but i will be in good company so i dont mind.

(and yes if i had a honda melady then i would thrash it round a track given a chance)

I have just one thing to say on the topic -

My avatar.

i should add that while parked up at brighton the interest in my scooter was from bikers. the scooterists i was with were busy looking at bikes.

the reason that the scooterists go there is that there has been a run there for years which is called “deckchairs at dawn” now. It has always been biker freindly and when the ace cafe started their run that was scooter freindly too.

the event predates the ace cafe run. ive been going to the ace cafe since it was a burger stall outside a tyre fitting bay, I lived in wembley.

i suppose if you want to park up at the prom then get a bike thats faster than a scooter and get there first:laugh:

and if im correct “lemoncella” is a sweet sticky lemon drink that before you know it has put you flat on your back?