Has motorcycle technology changed much since 2000ish?

I know tyre technology has changed quite a bit since the early 2000s but has bike technology changed much since FI came in? Eg. If I went from my 06 CBR600RR with new PR4s to a 2015 CBR600RR, are they easier/faster/more fun to ride?

Slipper clutch and ABS seem to be good features to have on paper.

Motor vehicle electronics have as more systems are being constantly fettled by electronic control units.

Yeah, loads. There’s all the obvious bits like the way everyone’s got ABS and FI, and so things like traction control and switchable engine modes are becoming more common. Regulation’s also meant that manufacturers need to do more than just make a cool-looking thing that goes fast, so fuel economy and emissions are now a consideration, too. And you get LED lights quite a lot, too.

Much better ABS, as in panic jam on the front brake on a wet corner better.

Will ABS really save you in that instance??!



I’m not a fan of ABS, I know it’s great and proven but I dont like the pulsing feel, Slipper Clutch is awesome and really should be a requirement for new bikes

That Bosch thing is pretty amazing!

No idea … never owned one that new !

The Bonne’ never had ABS and I was forever locking up the rear wheel. This old 250 does have ABS and I’ve never experienced the rear wheel locking up nor the juddering through the brake lever associated with the ABS pulsing. The old 250 also has CBS where the front brake calliper centre pot is activated with the rear brake. Maybe that’s helping me to keep the rear wheel from locking up?

All clever stuff!