Has Christmas started?

Not sure if my route (A40) was exceptional but the traffic was very light this morning. Seems that the Christmas holidays have started already.

Same mate, they’ve all vanished.

Then again, if you’re paid bonuses with 6 zero’s at the end, I’m sure you’d take an extra week off round Christmas an all…

S’only us poor folk what can’t afford the 15th international holiday in the year what as to work like :smiley:

Yep been pretty light traffic since Friday on my route really - brilliant caning it around up to 30mph without it being gridlocked :stuck_out_tongue:

The A12 was it’s usual busy self, but perhaps moving a tad quicker than usual so you may be right. :slight_smile:

Shock horror… The A2 wasn’t too bad either!

I did richmonmd to victoria in 20 minutes this morning. Incredible! Where the bloomin hell is everyone?

I dunno but I hope they don’t come back! I prefer it this way.

traffic was pretty light from hackney to islington, lea bridge road was busy as normal tho;) im in Xmas eve, traffic should be light then!

I can tell you where they all were - the A23 from Croydon to Westminster at midday was a bleeding nightmare!