Has anyone used the focused events rental R6's?

I have yet to buy a bike over here and when i do its probably not going to be something as new as my R6 at home. I’m quite eager to get out and do a track day and i was wondering if anyone has used the focused events R6’s and if they are a good option?

Also are there any favourite tracks people recommend? I want to do all the big ones like brands, donnington, silverstone and cadwell park but not sure about any others. That being said the only race track we have back in perth is a massive 2.4 km long with an unbelievable amount of corners (5 right, 2 left) so i won’t be easily impressed:P

I believe GSXRAng’s other half hired one, think he broke it too 0 might be worth sending her a PM :smiley:

I can highly recommend Silverstone GP circuit :smiley:

i’ve seen the bikes many times and they always seem to be running good rubber and are well prepared. so i’d say they are worth it.

I have to say that silverstone is dog **** for bikes imo. Its bumpy, has the most poxy chicane i’ve ever ridden and is the most featureless track in the UK. It cannot be compared to tracks like cadwell, brands gp, donnington and oulton park.

If you want a track that will make you go wow!!! on every lap all day long then its oulton, donnington or cadwell for me. Oulton is increddible. I’ve only been there for one meeting but its superb. Blind crests, banked hairpin where you get on the power hard with your knee on the deck. Donnington is a fast and flowing track that really takes your breath away when you get it right and has loads of run off for when you don’t.

slipperystone is just pants!!!

Have to agree that Cadwell is well worth the exta drive, it’s an awesome track, I’ll be going back at least a couple of times this year.

I hear that if you damage a Focussed Events R6, no matter the damage, you can say bye bye to your £500 deposit.

If you want more realistic track bike hire, then I’d recommend Paul Russo who is a lot more reasonable (pay for what you break), and his bikes start at £180.

Focussed Events don’t let you use any other company’s track bike at their events so if you want to book with Paul then get on to No Limits Trackdays. They’re brilliant and arguably a better track day company than Focussed IMO.

Details are below.

One last thing…The best tracks in the UK (IMO) are Cadwell, Brands Hatch, Donnington in that order…I’ve yet to try Anglesey in Wales, but I love the idea of it being like a UK Phillip Island. As the track is in Wales though, it’ll probably be raining when you go :smiley:

I’m probably the only guy that likes Mallory Park, but in reality it’s a poor condition go kart-like track that is used to host the odd car and bike professional racing rounds :smiley:

No Limits

Paul Russo Hire Bikes
07712 815827

Anglesey Circuit

I’d have to agree with AFRO on this one.

Pauls bikes are always mechanicaly sound even though they may not have the best looking fairings on.

He’s a top bloke, will look after you all day and listen to any issues you may have.

Afro is quite correct, if you have a little lowside, Paul won’t take the whole deposit off of you, he will take what it costs to sort the bike. (And from what I’ve seen, his estimate is if anything on the low side.)

Last time I saw him he had mainly R6 models but he also has a CBR600RR and a CB500 race bike! (He races in the 500 series.)

If you do a No Limits day you also get to meet the nicest guys in trackdays, AND at some venues, you get a free Bacon roll after the briefing!


thanks for the info. i’ll check out the no limits track days and paul russo.

PM sent with Paul’s mobile.

Agree with the Cadwell fans. Great circuit.

Saw a bit of BSB from Knockhill on Eurosport last night. Man that looks a fine circuit - wicked kinks, crests & a great hairpin. Shame it’s 5,000,000,000 miles away up there in Scotchland.

I Think brands is a really good circuit, but then it is the only one i have ever done. im doing the gp at silverstone on monday,:ermm: i hope its better than some comments on here

I stopped at brands on the way home’ focussed events eve, was chatting to a welsh bloke that had hired one of the r6’s all day. he said it was spot on best bike he had ever been on round a track

Yes he did but it wasn’t his fault, the engine blew… It was the second of their fleet for it to happen to. They didn’t take any of the deposit.

Hired bikes a couple of times but there’s no real replacement for your own track bike. :wink:

Bear in mind though, £500 is a small price to pay compared to repairing your own road bike if the worse happens or you do manage to drop it. :smiley:

ooops, i should’ve made that clear in my post :smiley:

can also Patrick at http://www.patracking.co.uk/

CBr600’s some with low seat if you need it.

WEll prepared and a really nice host.

Silverstone’s awesome i dunno what you lot are on about?! Did you ride the national or something? If so …try the other 2 layouts there far far better!

different strokes for different folks. you liking it can only be a good thing…hope you get the result you want mate.