Has anyone used one of these cheap trackers?


Obviously not as good the more expensive ones. But for basic tracking has anyone ever used one?

It sends co-ordinates via tx so you can see where the bike is on google maps or view it on their software. No annual subscription, all you do is bang a sim card in it. Doesn’t seem to have a battery back up if power is pulled from the bike but for £40 might be worth a go.

I used a similar one that cost around £70 with battery back up, it was pretty good but it used to eat the credit

It looks quite interesting, and cheap for what it does.

Seems that it could be a pain in da ass to setup, however found this which may help.


Questions:You have to realise your bike is stolen before texting the number to get the co-orinates?Daws - why did yours eat credit?Will this work inside containers?Im just thinking, you probably have very little time to realise your bike is gone, text and get back co-ords, find on google and notify police. Smileds bike got stolen in Bromley and 2 minutes later had the alarm/immob ripped out lying on the road. Rendering this GPS useless in this circumstance??

They look good.

What’s not to like if it does what it says on the box? And now you have a decent manual.

While I was toying with the idea of fitting one of these, I had the bike stolen.


Looks good… I wonder if it could be hacked and linked up to a tilt switch, so that it texts the location whenever the vehicle is moved…

Did my questions scare people off?


I was thinking of using an old iphone on a pay as you go sim and using ‘‘find my iphone’’