has anyone seen?

just thought i`d put a couple of pics of the 2008 busa up

wat do ya think





hmmm i quite like it in red. you gonna get one? give us a go!!

found this on yt picture quality aint good but u get to see the back of the bike i think it looks da bolloks in white


Mmm, seen some clear pics of the rear and I have to say I only like the New bike back as far as the front seat. But I’m probably biased

You decide

I have, I dont much like the carpet that Suzuki use at bike launches.

Oh and the back end is

Very starship enterprise!! looks pretty good, reckon it might look better in the flesh…Is it still mentally fast or have they tamed it a bit more?

Nice looking bike. Vile looking carpet

More info here (if link works)


Bigger engine etc I heard 11% power hike

And relax and breathe…

I can hear you getting moist at this new bike from here and I’m trying to eat my dinner…

Might have a road test but I love my old Busa

Besides, what would I do with switchable ECU modes and flashing gear indicators blah blah

The back end needs a Wurlitzer badge

The blue one is very nice

I want one please!

I don’t like the rear end of the new busa

i like it,

It’s fugly from the back of the rider seat. Including the big black binliner pipe and “alien head” rear styling.

Get off her you b1tch.


You disgust me!!!

Thats a lot of plastic! looks like a bubble!


Wonder how much a spill in that would cost?

I’m not overly keen on it, but I have always prefered the lines of a sports bike. I don’t dislike it. It doesn’t look like a huge departure from the last model. What counts with a busa is the engine. Not sure about the figures but if it is like the last model and you can get 200mph+ out of one it is still cool in my book.