Has anyone seen/ridden one??????

First of all the reason for bringing this up, is coz i was babysitting my nephew today and amongst all his toy cars he has a few motorbikes aswell (donated by yours truly) by i saw another one that i didn’t buy him. I started looking at it and thought it was a really nice bike, so i just looked it up!

Its a Honda NR 750 - only 300 road going versions were made and cost $50,000 when new!

See link for pictures and info! I really want one now!!!


Got pics of that at Ally Pally many moons ago

dont do it hun,your not that old yet hehe…:wink:

I’d love to ride one, I have a sound-clip of one at the track and it’s sexy as hell! Owww, oval pistons!

Wasn’t there a video of some numpty who owned one dropping it in a car park?

Oh god, please say not

Bike magazine did a feature on them a couple of months ago.

I am serious, I am sure I saw a video on youtube where the rider dropped it at a standstill.

Been looking into it - there are a couple for sale two i found in the states and one in france - the americian (full power ones) are both 56,000$ thats more then they originally sold for (just like DB9’s are selling for more then retail) so thats about £28,000 right??

Didn’t he lend it to his other half and she dropped it?

I know its not much help,but bat motorcycles at biggin hill in kent were selling them a while back.


I have seen that video it sooo funny but not that would be about 5Ks worth of damage, the frame for one of those is £12,000 the pistons are £600 each, they sound fantastic I wonder where they are hiding them all.

the video clip is here http://www.podzinger.com/viewMedia.jsp?q=nr750&start=0&num=10&col=en-all-youtube-ep&filter=1&scol=youtube&il=en&sname=&e=1715782&index=1

…sorry that tickled me…why would anybody want either? Morning Jay