Has anyone ridden the Stelvio Pass?

Any information gratefully received such as routes, transport, places to stay.


@djmrmagic would be a good person to help - while I’ve been up the top a few times. I’ve been following him or Rioting Rob when I did :smiley:

As for transport and route, I’d take a motorcycle and start at the bottom :wink:

We rode it twice (down and then up) this summer.

My recommendation: don’t, it’s really not all that. It’s full of cars and caravans and is slow and boring. The thing it does having going for it is it’s picturesque. We rode it twice by accident as that the road is actually a major bottle-neck for that region. We detoured one day and didn’t realise it was going to take us back up it and around the moauntain (terrain can be deceptive on maps). We got stuck behind 50 Mustangs…

Far nicer roads and passes elsewhere in the Alps and Dolomites. We preferred the Dolomites. See here: Roadtrip 2018 - Switzerland, Italy and a bit of France

We used http://www.bestbikingroads.com to find routes of note and then planned accommodation and overall route by connecting the best roads/passes.

I’ll have to dig out the routes from our satnav. We found some amazing passes and roads that had very little traffic. We had a ball.

Stelvio is too famous for its own good IMO. Its not a fast road even when clear. Though if you do do it, I would recommend going early in the day and ride up, not down :grinning:

Oh and if you’re feeling up for a challenge go up stelvio and down the Umbrail pass. LOL. That ones. Crazy. We did it up and down. The first time going up it was passing a parade of stinky old tractors and then down it was overtaking a bicycle race! I kid you not!

There are at least 4 LBrs who are members of the “Ridden Stelvio in the snow” club :slight_smile:

Exclusive membership and not one I’d want to do again. Could see sfa and that’s not nice on a mountain pass!

If you are near the pass, I’d definitely ride it, but not worth especially detouring to find it. Plenty of other great passes in the Alps.

It’s tight and as others have said, very busy in the summer. Maybe less so once the peak holiday season is over.

Cheers Gav, Jay, BL. Very useful. That’ll save me a lot of planning time.

3 years ago in July :+1:

That’s pretty bad luck :slight_smile:

I remember riding through that junction in glorious sunshine this summer - along with a bazillion other people. GMTFOOH!

Surely can’t have been worse than the Passo di Gavia though?

Think meeting a bus in the tunnel on way up Stelvio takes some beating. Had to do a u-turn and then get up close to a wall as the bus crept passed me :slight_smile:

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There’s only one thing to do in that scenario… get down!

Done it with nivag and Blu a few times, 5 in total…keep saying its the last…
It’s like the B500, the road itself is fantastic, but its the cyclists, coaches, cars that ruin it!! (I am sure they say the same about us)

I’d say do it, its one for the tick box, a nice route is passo tonale, passo gavia, stelvio (from the Bormio side), go to the top, go back down the same way, turn right and go down the Umbrial into Switzerland. Then you can do the Offen, Albula or Julier passes.

We were lucky to do the Umbrial when some of it was gravel…along with Stelvios really really tight tunnels, makes it something you wont forget.

Anywhere around there is good to stay, if you stay near pontie di legno (the base of gavial) means you can do them early before they get busy.

Cheers DJ. There’s plenty here for me to look at when I get back home.