Has anyone got any experience of riding in Colombia?

would appreciate a chat.

Stray too far into the jungle and you could get into a ‘FARC’ load of trouble. :smiley:

Is that politically correct NinjaJunkie?

It’s not correct/incorrect - it’s just a play on words? :crazy:

Just a joke - I thought it might make you smile? :ermm:

Colombia is much safer now.

Yeah - it was just a joke.

I just can’t help leaping on any opportunity to make an obvious joke out of the acronym FARC.


Eezie - sorry for making light of what is obviously a very serious trip.

I hope you get the information you need and good luck with it - you have my respect.

Mate my reply was a joke as well. Your comment made me laugh. You’re a top guy :cool:

Lol! :smiley:

After I posted it I thought - hang on - this is a serious business - this guy does not need some [email protected] like me coming on making flippant comments.

Glad you saw it was a good natured joke mate and not taking the p1ss.

Good luck with the trip - it sounds fantastic. From what I’ve seen on TV it’s a very beautiful country :wink:

jeez, I’d better leave LB then! lol

I’ve driven in Colombia and did a bit of off-roading a good few years ago. If on the roads watch out for missing drain covers!

stop bitching …that hole is well marked

Read an article in MCN last week about Ecuador, apparently good roads devoid of traffic.

Maybe need one of these in Columbia


A more recent experience is Ollie’s trip last year, this is the start of his month in Colombia


just remember… if it’s white and powdery… chances are it’s not sugar :smiley:

If it’s green and a bud then it’s probably not lettuce either. In Colombia possession for personal use is legal.

i have loads being colombian myself lol what do you want to know about it?

Isn’t that where they film “Banged up abroad?”