has anyone got a Kriega us20 i can borrow?

im looking to borrow a kriega us-20 to borrow for Wales this weekend? pweese someone have one.:slight_smile:

I’ve got one you can borrow. Ace on Friday? :slight_smile:

Edit: No I haven’t. It’s an R20 - I thought you meant the backpack.

Ace on Friday anyway? :smiley:

He’ll be in Wales :smiley:


I’m not all there this morning. :doze:

You can borrow my R35 backpack if you cant find a US20 if you want it? Let me know and I could bring it up the ace this evening.

thanks love i will hold onto the r25, i think ive worked out what im gonna do!:wink:

i’ve got a us-10 and an R-25 if needed…

Hi Westie,

I’ve got a US 20 you can borrow for the weekend if you want. Planning to head to BM tonight if thats any good for you?