Has anyone else seen the new THINK! ad?

It’s horrific

Nope. Which one exactly? Is it the one in the bar and he gives her “the look”

No the new bike one when a guy riding down the road swerves for a car door and hits a lamp post. Same kind of shock tactic as the SMIDSY one. Not nice.

Good video.

A little shake-up now and then is good for us.

Don’t get complacent on the roads you know, is the message.

Not seen it yet although it sounds very nasty!

Saw it last night in the cinema, WoW it brings the risks we all take home, it should make all the guys and gals who have had an off this season feel very luckly

…And seeing it on the big screen just made it all the more shocking

No, haven’t seen it yet. Anyone got the link? usually they have it online as well

Yeah…made me think…

It’s not on the Think website as a downloadable Video yet


I couldn’t find it here:


but it will probably appear soon. The “Take longer to look for bikes” one was pretty arresting.


I have and it does make you think. I allways try and leave a gap of about two feet between me and any car I am passing.

Saw it yesterday morning on the TV with my Sprog. Shut us both up for a moment.

Went to see the new superman film on monday with the girlfriend, saw it there for the first time on the big screen, those ads get her a bit worked up… This one hit home and is needed. When i first started riding i had a merc open a door on me, and i did an audition for superman returns over the handlebars, got taken to hospital but just bruising.

I remember after seeing the other ones aimed at car drivers, it just quietens you for a while after while you think over your near misses, but after seeing this new one i thought, damn right the message is a good one, i see so many “motorcyclists” ride so close to parked cars, pizza boys are the worst and i cringe. Good ad though, did feel as though it was almost tailored for me…

Has anyone posted it up on the web yet?..Don’t get much time to sit in front of the telly any more.

Stop bloody yapping about it and put a bloody link up so we can watch it too then… please?… 'cos I cant find it either

(you’d think if they really wanted to get their safety message across to the broadest possible audience they’d have put this latest one on’t net by now for all to see )

Don’t think the new ads been uploaded to a website yet, so just watch somemore TV


Me and the missus were chatting when it came on telly – as she saw it, her voice just trailed off and she sat there visibly shaken. I view the ads as useful reminders, but it just makes her worry more.

Like i said numerous times before, theyve got it all wrong

its not the case of being seen, or looking twice- it dont matter whether they see u or not, 4 wheel&more drivers are selfish, they dont like to think your getting to your destination quiker than they are, so regardless of whether they see you or not, if your in their way, they dont care

All the more reason for us not to be complacent, be extra vigilant and try and make ourselves as visible as possible.
I also drive a car and it was instilled in me very early on to look out for bikes.
Unfortunately in my experience there are still some bikers out there that do not always consider a cars blind spots either.
So even for the most careful and considerate cage driver (and yes there are some!), there may also be an inconsiderate biker.
The advert certainly does grab your attention, I hope it does for all other road users too.