has anyone been to nogaro?

any good?

Yeah, great track…just don’t look at how close some of the concrete walls are!!!

Off the start line and a 90 right, power out and through a open left that needs a bit of thought before you really try on the shorter straight. The left at the end of this straight is awesome, much faster than you think, just keep throwing it in until you mess up the right soon after. Then a few really tight corners, on your right and then your left for ages (and soooo slow). A right hander opens up to a massive straight - pin the throttle and read some really big numbers. Big braking for a left that goes onto a sweeping left and a tricky, double apex (I think) right. Short straight into a wierd left that brings you back to the start line.

The last left is lined with concrete and gave me problems but apart from that it’s a great track. Being right down the bottom of France, you should get decent weather, fingers crossed.

It’s owned by Mitchelin as a test track. It’s a nice place. Valencia is only 4 hours drive away ! Watch out for L’escargo! an awsome right hand corner that tightens up on itself. Completely unique!