has any one ever used ebay snipe?

well…im trying to bid for an item but i keep on loosing right in the last couple of minutes! :pinch:

does anyone use any of this snipey type things and if so do they actually work?

got any general biding tips?

yer bid in the last 20 seconds it takes an average of about 10 seconds for a bif to complete…

never used the snipe thing never trust them, plus you have to pay to use most of them as well…

think of the max price you would pay for it ,put in your max bid but dont confirm , get another ebay up sign in watch it till the last 5 secs then put in confirm your max bid on the first screen , thats what i do won every thing i ever really want that way, ive heard you can buy software to do it for you but its more fun if you have the time as the item is ending:Dlook at the end time(below) and my bid (top one) hit confirm bid with 5 secs to go only took 2 secs to confirmyour see what i mean

09-Nov-08 19:54:35 GMT

, you’re the winner.
Only actual bids (not automatic bids generated up to a bidder’s maximum) are shown. Automatic bids may be placed days or hours before a listing ends. Learn more about bidding. Show automatic bids

BidderBid AmountBid Time £142.00
09-Nov-08 19:54:32 GMTBidder 6 £140.00
09-Nov-08 19:54:26 GMTBidder 4 £125.00
09-Nov-08 10:46:22 GMTBidder 5 £125.00
09-Nov-08 17:48:37 GMTBidder 3 £120.45
08-Nov-08 17:46:36 GMTBidder 4 £105.00
09-Nov-08 10:46:13 GMTBidder 2 £81.00
03-Nov-08 21:21:06 GMTStarting Price£75.00

Done a bit on E-bay and have to agree that bidding does sometimes go down to last few seconds NOT minutes!
Done the two window thing myself too. Feel i ought to point out that it is kinda addictive winning something in the last few secs, or so my other half says!!! :smiley:

Generally use a snipe if i’m not about ;):stuck_out_tongue:

yep , excellent bit of kit …HAMMERSNIPE is the one is use , 10 sec free or pay for 3 sec

yeah ive used gixen to snipe many times; it works very well and its free.

always put a bid in that’s a bit over the normal someone else would.

for example, if you are bidding, don’t put a max in of £20.00 or a round figure, cause someone else might have done the same amount. Put one in for £20.75 or something, and that additional £0.75 will make you the winner.

it’s worked for me for years - i always just bid in the last 9 seconds - on a broadband connection from hitting ‘confirm bid’ it should take around 6/7 secs for it to register the bid - leaving your competitors 2 secs to beat you - no chance :slight_smile:

the other way of doing to is to open 2 pages then have them side by side on the screen

have watching the item and then one with the confirm bid page , you can then keep refreshing the tiem to see how it’s going and once the time is down to 15 secs you can place the bid on the other part without having to wait for the page to change …

Yep I always use goofbay, it is free, and you can snipe up to 1 second before the end of the auction.

Has always worked for me

:Dthanks for the replies guys! :Dwell ive got one auction ending in 2 hrs so if that doesnt go above what i would pay ill try the two window technique…

if i dont win the one ending soon theres one ending at 7 which i wont be around for…i may try the snipey type thing…but i have ahard time trusting them (like grandpa sleeper)
have u evr found that once u give up ur account details, when u next xheck uve ended up buying something random like a chair leg or a rubber duck? anyone had any bad experinces?edited because i forgot to say thanks foir the advice and tips!:w00t:

People using snipe are spoiling Ebay and shouldn’t be allowed. I nearly always win when I bid but maybe that’s because I buy a load of old tat that nobody else wants?:slight_smile:

baygenie :slight_smile:

jezuz who doesnt use auction snipers?

Been using Paypal for most, if not all, of my Ebay transactions and have yet to encounter the type of problems you describe. In fact the one time i did have a dispute it was Paypals intervention that resolved it. Trust no one !!! :smiley:

I don’t understand why Ebay doesn’t do what other commercial online auctions like the ones that sell Government surplus etc do. No auction ends until minutes or hours after the last winning bid. That guarantees the winner is the one willing to pay the most, not the one using the most sophisticated bidding engine.

Its not about sophisticated sniping… at the end of the day, if you want an item, you should be bidding the maximum amount you value the item at. If someone else wins by 1p 2 seconds before the auction end, its ok… because the item is now considered 2p too expensive by you… right? You did put in the maximum you value the item didnt you? :wink:

Ebay keeps their auction ending strategy because those who are avid ebayers all use snipers, and it gives them a sense of satisfaction when they win by sniping. Allowing sniping favours the buyer, whereas extending the auction end time favours the seller by allowing the price to go higher and higher.

Picking up on Marmady 's point, don’t forget the pence.

Once you’ve decided the max price you’ll bid stick a random amount of pence on the end. I’ve won items by bidding,say, 47 pence more than an otherwise tied bidder.

Do I care about the 47 pence “overbid”? nope.

I won the item!!! :D:D:D:D

lol i used the old odd ammount technique and ended up winning by 3 pence, item had free delivery too!!

i think you guys are all my good luck charms, i shall put up a post everytime i want to win something from the bay:D:P:D

thanks for the tips guys, i owe u all a wine gum:D

With about 30secs to go i up my bid and i usually win it then.

Never used them, I always stick in the amount that I am prepared to pay. If I get out bid, then I just move on to the next one I’m looking at.