Harrow Road onto Wrottesley Road motox

Hello All,
If any one has to negotiate the above road you’ll probably know the damage caused by the leaky water main has caused serious ruts a crack by a man hole cover and added gravel as you go up and over it.

If so could you also report it as I’ve nearly come a cropper there a few times and have even reported it but just get “oh yeah that’s the water company’s fault” . I realise I’m turning into a bit of Victor Meldrew but it really pi**es me off to have to change my route because they can’t get their act together.

cheers Happy riding

Dont mention gravel around Serrisan! :smiley:

Thanks for pointing it out.

Also, Harrow Road junction of Scrubbs Lane. I’ve reported both to the Council through the old bill. Hopefully the Council will get their backside into gear. Was a nasty diesel/water mix on the Scrubbs junction the other night and almost caused my car to slide into the traffic island. Not good.