Harris moto GP hanger

This is hanger number 3 i wasnt happy with the one i made, but im well pleased of this one. It cost £42 at the Ally Pally from Harris !!


Copy of 5.2.06 002.jpg

Awesome bike, What further mods have you planned if any?

Hanger looks good Pete. I don’t support you were in SW London today were you? I had a black k5 near the Wandworth area in front of me today, was going to catch up and have a gander, but had Foxy in tow on a scooter!

No mate wasnt me i was at the Ace, the roads are crap at the mo full of salt As for future mods might treat myself to Crescents under tray in May, but they are £264 and all i want is the 3 led lights !!

I know the item you mean, it’s very trick I bet Mike (M9 Performance) could make one up for a lot less!