Harley Rider goes down

Check out this guy…obviously hasn’t heard of the words "lean into the curve " The second is so fixated on the lead rider he almost comes a cropper himself. …Quote frm the guy filming "Dude …they’re gonna beat our asses "…



what a nob

LOL, he didn’t even try to turn, he just went straight on. Not a good way to stack your expensive Harley, poor guy. Guess he was just inexperienced! Guy following him… donut.

what a muppet.

And The Dragon claims yet another victim…it’s UNBELIEVABLE how many nobs stack their bikes on that road…that one was just embarrassing to watch…he didn’t even TRY to make the corner…just froze like a deer in headlights…locked up the rear wheel and rode it like a hockey puck right into the ditch.


He was lucky there was no oncoming traffic as welll!

Doezy twonk!