Harley on bends FAIL!!


nothing new there… I quite enjoyed those even though I’d seed a few of them before… It’s good to know that you pay extra for all that chrome just so that you have to pay shitloads when you drop it! :smiley:

A friend from a scooter forum had their Harley fall over on their drive due to some kids playing with it when his back was turned. It cost £8000 to put right.

£8000… is his house on the edge of dover :w00t:

How were some of those crashes even possible?!?! :w00t:

because they are all yanks enough said lol

haha not a fan of the harley, but i do like the midnight train or whatever its called

Harley’s on bends Fail? Most of them were on straight bits FFS, still it was nice that (@47 secs) he found a lucky four leaved clover :smiley:


the bit at 1:20 was classic! and the thing at 1:50, what the **** was that!