harley davidson taking legal action against !!!!!

hi guys dont know if any one has delt or would deal with the muppets at EMOTO UK but please be aware there currently being taken to court by HD there a bunch of idoits and will take your money then tell you the item is now out of stock and keep you waitng for months or longer so please be aware if you are stupid enough to order from them guys ( this is from a 100% reliable source) and sorry cant say from where

pardon? can you explain this more clearly…

Harley Davidson who know own MV AGUSTA are taking EMOTO to court:D:D:D:D

See this thread in Praise and Shame for more on How not to run and online shop’


macp (16/02/2009)

See this thread in Praise and Shame for more on How not to run and online shop’http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic453730-50-1.aspx?Highlight=Emoto[/quote] mate you should check out mvagusta.net and ducati forum they have ripped people off all over the world and im sorry to say ive been had by them they sold me a screen for my f4 and i found out it was a copy part the facy that it doenst fit was bad enough they told me on the phone yes it is a copy deal with it and it was sold to me as a gen part.the screen has since been sent to italy fot mv to see it

sounds like your not at all happy with them…and there does sound like a bit of dodgy goings on…difficult to know what to say…other than okay…Why are HD taking them to court…

They even sent us a fake legal letter demanding we remove content from LB. Extremely amateurish and pointless. A polite email would have got a lot further.