Harley-Davidson’s 2020 Pan America


I just leave this here





Atleast they will be getting some use out of the old v rod engine


I feel like I shouldn’t like it, but really, I do.


I think it’s the straight line between the tank and the tail unit is what puts me off, looks out of place, it’s not a cafe racer. That and one fugly headlight


You should see their streetfighter model then.


Quite happy with my Superduke 1290, ta :slight_smile:


Here you go @Jay an HD to add to your electric stable


Good on them. I wouldn’t say no to a small electric bike for commuting. I’m surprised we’ve not seen more innovation in this space from the big established brands. There’s a few brands trying to create big-bike replacements but I think that’s a little ambitious as this stage. The smaller EV bikes seem like a great point to start from.

Especially punchier e-pedal bikes where you can ride anywhere with just a simple bicycle helmet and leave locked up a little easier.


Biggest pain for many in the city is charging. Not so bad if you can hoik the battery out. If you’re out in the sticks and commuting in then range becomes a key issue. It will happen, but it’s a case of time and technology meeting.

Though I’m pretty sure I’ll always have a dinosaur juice powered bike, even it it only comes out for shows.


there are legal restrictions on e-bikes, one of which being that they’re restricted to 25km/h or so and I think Max 250W.
Any more than that and it’s classed as a moped/motorbike, even if it’s pedal assist.


Fair enough. There’s a bloke who rides one in full gear through my local park that I often run through. Pretty sure that’s now allowed (motorised vehicle).


Indeed you are correct. If you exceede the specs (15.5 MPH max speed and 250W max output) then you need to have it registered and taxed as well as having the appropriate licence for the power output. See https://www.gov.uk/electric-bike-rules for reference. I’d also expect insurance to be mandatory.


Good write up here about how this announcement was possibly too little too late to save the brand https://beta.asphaltandrubber.com/premium/the-high-fives-heard-in-milwaukee/


HD really shot themselves in the foot when they ditched Buell to concentrate on their aging core market, thereby becoming an irrelevance to most bikers worldwide. It’s all well & good them talking about electric bikes, but if they couldn’t even get their buyers to accept the modern engine used in the V-Rod, what chance do they have of flogging them an electric one?


Man that is a fugly bike, bet it also weighs a tonne.


they reckon a good 600lbs which is heavier than a GS with less power and reliability.


Ooof. That’s bad. Par for the course though. Some things never change.
I like the article you linked.


I don’t think the electric bikes or the adv bike are for the people who would buy anything they currently make, they’re going for the people who don’t want what they already make.


I.e. new customers, which are critical to any business that actually plans on growth, as opposed to those just trying to hold the grim reaper at bay.