Harley Davidson buys MV Augusta

Just read that the American company has clinched the Italian marque with an aim to challenge the Japanese in the super sports market. Apparently they also got Cagiva in a deal worth 70m euros including debts: now that sounds quite cheap, ok the company was small and produced only 5000 bikes a year but, still sounds pretty cheap considering the premium for their racing heritage and image… Anyway, key members such as designer guru Massimo Tamburini will be kept on board it transpires.

Harley Davidson and MV Agusta - that’s the motorcycling equivalent of chalk and cheese! (Guess which is the cheese!) :wink:

I loved my Cagiva Mito Evo. Best looking bike ive owned in Red. Shame about the engine:D

This could be interesting

Harley Davidson once owned Aer Macchi and managed to turn the once great Italian supersports and racing bike company into a joke that disappeared.

With that track record, things don’t look good for MV and Cagiva.

On the other hand, Italian bike companies have a strange way of re appearing some years after death. Where were Moto Morini for the last ten, or was that twenty, years?

sorry I thought HD was owned by AMF during the 70’s ?

You’re right they were:cool:

I dread to think what type of bike they`ll come up with now.

Does that put pre HD MV values up? :Whistling:

sorry I thought HD was owned by AMF during the 70’s ?

True. It took years for HD to shake off the AMF mind set by which time, the also aquired Aer Macchi (M/C bit) had gone to the wall.

Perhaps the new kids, HD, will do better.

I just worry a lot about Americans coming outside of their own country. The track record aint so good.

Not that team GB have been that good …