Hardley movin

I never put this in bike talk (sorry hrley riders) I saw a harley engined bike today down the ace, wernt ur normal, it was total 1 off, were talkin carbon wheels so much billet. The exhaust was part of the swingarm. People talk of £30,000, £50,000 bikes fink i saw 1 today…also saw a bike with air suspention (im such a sht spelher lol) it was moving around on its sidestand whilst the geezer was avin a coffee inside, fink i need to win the lotto Where do u stop with mod’s ?

well you saying that,i was down the ace last friday,and ther was a bike down ther with a weelie bin on the back,what do you think’ that . my spelling kwap as well

mmm Harleys!!

I saw that one as well - it was pretty grim

What you telling me for?

oh, I thought you’d want to know