Hardknott Pass 26th Aug 2013

a couple of shots from yesterday, enjoy!!!

And yes, it’s not a joy ride, more of a survival practice…
More lakes shots from this weekend coming.


It’s certainly tests your slow cornering skills, prefect practice for heading out to the Alps :smiley:

Nice pics, great that you saw the fort as well. I’ve been through there several times but keep forgetting to stop and look at the fort :hehe:

As usual, weekend drivers taking up the road :satisfied:

whenever I see pics of that road it amazes me it’s 2-way.

Its a road but its crap.

Never done Hardknott but for my two penneth

If you likes that sort of thing head on up and over Applecross Pass that’s a proper job test of endurance, especially with a little wind and rain in the mix. If you want you passes a little faster but just as twisty come back down through Braemar and the Cairngorms Pass.

Thanks for the tip

Try passing it slower :wink:

I had to turn back and look for it too:)

great snaps.