hardie anchor stockists in london?

ordered some extra security gear for delivery today and the chap in question forgot he didn’t actually have any which leaves me a little bit fecked

anyone know where i can go grab some Hardie Anchors? (it is only the hardie ones i need just to clarify)


I bought an almax set up last week, got delivered next day and included a hardie secure ground anchor, the largest one

was a PITA to fit (sodding pebbles in the concrete in my garage floor) but its bloody rock solid!

also, try googling hardie secure and london in one search term

this was one of the results - http://www.london-wheelclamping.co.uk/contact.htm

dunno if they have any in stock (and frankly i don’t like their company name!!)

as it happens, it was almax that forgot

thanks for the link, looking for physical shops rather than internet order companies tho. ideally want to go there now and collect

Try calling Saunderson Security in SW19, they usually have the Hardie anchors in stick and they are quite reasonably priced too.

Sounds like a good excuse for a little blat up to Bedfordshire :cool:

Hardie-Secure Products Ltd

17 Station Road
MK45 1JT
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1525 634 084
Fax: +44 (0) 1525 716 736

big thanks for frank from hardie, he found an ex demo one and brought it over to me last night.