Hardest thing ive ever done

Had a full engine rebuild on my bike and now ive got to run it back in… I keep getting done by sportsbikes and boy racers, i just wana give it some beans… Its sooooo hard not to open the throttle rite up and show them what moto’s are made of :w00t:

100miles easy riding, drop oil and give it some beans:)

Dropping the oil later, gota check the valve clearences too

Funny business this “running in” stuff.

Back in the day when engines were more blacksmithing than technology, it all sort of made sense. Now, with superior materials and machining, the only bit that makes sense to me is putting the engine through the heat cycles, not the mileage. Well, that and the oil/filter change, though even that is questionable now.

I still do it, but does it have any real point?

There are several schools of thought for running in modern bikes. I took it easy for the first 600 miles. That was probably a good idea for my own safety if not the condition of the engine.

Sorry to hear you have been caught out by the old Tajikstan udder sharing trick, bet you wish now you had spat rather than swallowed.:smiley:

Easy mistake, severe consequences.

Good luck with the bike and Mariska.:wink: