Hard wiring my old TomTom to the Honda

About time I got a round to hooking the old TomTom One up to the old Honda so I took a chance on this

£3.18 including delivery from Hong Kong to UK in 3 days, proper quick, but …

I got grey carded with a Customs charge and Royal Mail handling fee totalling £28.18 :w00t:

Think I might just as well get one of these for £7.00

Or should I take a second punt on the Hong Kong supplier :ermm:

Feck that, just hard wire it to yer battery.

How do they work out these fees? I would take a second punt. Today I’ve just received a package from China (Motorcycle part for £35) and it went straight to my door (fortunately) …

The 12v has to be stepped down to 5v or the TomTom is toast :w00t:

Maplin and Ohms law then …

Had many deliveries from China and never been grey carded before. The Customs charge is £20.18, a proper odd amount. Royal Mail’s handling fee is a standard £8.00 which they probably work really hard for :Whistling:

I might just pop in the Delivery Office and have a word, sometimes its a case of who you know :wink: :wink:

what you need is this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-DC-Converter-Module-12V-5V-3A-15W-Duble-USB-Output-Power-Adapter-/141049363286?tfrom=130978719862&tpos=top&ttype=price&talgo=undefined

and a normal usb cable.

Cheers for info. I use this website: Link however, having said that, it doesn’t seem to come up with those fees?

I thought the only fee if anything would be a vat import charge? which would be nothing on a couple of quid?

So stick in a car cigarette lighter and a Tom Tom plug in Wembley stylee.:slight_smile:

That’s one connection too many messy and too much risk of water ingress.

With a 12v to 5v regulator to a mini USB male jack as in my first post there is virtually no risk of water ingress :wink:

Note I also have on order a combination 12v power socket/5v USB socket.

Water ingress at USB voltages and currents is mostly a non-problem. Especially if you put that bit under the seat or even just wrap it in tape. There’s a lot of excessive fear of things getting wet on motorbikes…

I’m guessing but you got a waterproof case for the Tomtom?

I’ve had my seat under water :w00t:

With the set up I have in mind there will be a minimum of cables, leads, connectors and the like. Not just eliminating the risk of water ingress, it looks neater too.


Feck that, he has it taped to the inside of his visor as hes so short sghted he cant see the road.
It`s amasing what modern tech can do for an old bloke.
Stephen Hawkins is a prime example.:cool:

dont pay it tell em to keep it and just buy that 7 quid one end of the day your only lose 3 quid rather then like 26 quid =0

I had that same usb type cable when I used a tomtom XL on my fazer, it went rusty on the connector.

Given all the salt on the roads at the moment, that is probably not true at the moment. Plus it will play havoc with the stainless connectors.

Well, it’ll corrode. But not if there’s a thing plugged into it. I’ve only ever managed to have actual problems with corrosion at the microusb end, rather than the other-end socket.

ok, simples, you’ll need some tools, soldering iron, hot glue gun, right connecting cables and a cold beer.

What you’ll want to achieve;

  1. For the highest quality job unsolder the micro USB cable from the box (you’ll need to open it up neatly) or if you’re feeling hannibal lecter - just cut it 5-10cm from the box end.
  2. Hole in your TomTom waterproof case just big enough to feed through the thin end of the micro USB plug cable through.
  3. Leaving some slack seal the cable in the hole on both sides with the hot glue - so you achieve a watertight seal.
  4. Resolder the cable back into the box or solder wires together again if you cut them - then coat the joins slightly with hot glue and quickly seal it all up with insulating tape - so you achieve a watertight seal.
  5. Connect up the power supply as required.
  6. Enjoy the cold beer - well depending how long you took to do this simple job…:Whistling:

There you go, TomTom 1 getting the juice it likes and micro USB/TT1 end protected from the elements… :slight_smile: