Hard drives

I got a new external hard drive today but i cant seem to transfer stuuf off my old hard drive to the new one. Is there an easy way to do it, if so can tou explain in plain english how its done.

if you want to back up then use this http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=C26EFA36-98E0-4EE9-A7C5-98D0592D8C52&displaylang=en
if you just want to move stuff around then just connect the drive and open my computer navigate to the stuff you want to move , open my computer and just drag the folders/files into the drive which should be visisble .

I transfered everything to the new drive then erased the c drive and now lost all 480 albums on my ipod. So i have to start over again.

Use a data recovery prog on your old drive and recover all the .aac files. Then transfer these to your new drive. They will be recoverable thats fer sure.

I couldnt find anything so ill stick to re doing my cds, knowing me if i did try ill something stupid and wipe the whole computer out.

Had a hard drive back from Membury services tonight. Had to re-boot at 10,000rpm to resolve a problem with my floppy.:smiley:

Are you using XP or vista? i loaded a external HD with all my files when I changed pc’s from a XP one the vista, vista won’t see the files put there by Xp for some reason…

Now I have a MAC :slight_smile:

PEBCAK :stuck_out_tongue:

Why did you downgrade? :wink:

Coz it works!! :cool: