Hard drive data recovery

I have a seagate 500gb hard drive that has recently destructed itself. And I was stupid enough not to back it up properly. Anyone do hard drive recovery, or know decent software to do it? It is recognising in the bios, but not in Windows 7, and screwing up my XP computer so that

so that…you can’t finish posts! intolerable!

I’ve been known to recover data from dying hard drives using various tools to back up what’s there first (dd_rescue and the like) and then work on the data itself (rebuild partition tables, find specific files or data types, etc). If you wanted to bring it over I’d be happy to have a try at some point, although it takes time - it’s the kind of thing we set up and then leave running for a day or two.

If it’s valuable business data, get a professional to do it. These guys go much further than I would (I’ve seen one buy an identical but new version of a damaged drive and replace just the plates in order to recover data!).


What sort of files were on it? OS, or data? Photos, audio, video?

I assume it was an internal sata?

I don’t care about the OS. I just want music, photos and any other user files, including firefox bookmarks. And I want access to the user data after that.