Happy New Year

May 2013 bring health, happiness, success and peace to you and those close to you.

Ride safe.



Happy new year all. Hope everyone has a good year ahead of them.

See you all on rideouts next year.

happy new year to you all.

Have a very Happy and prosperous New Year to one and all

Happy New Year to one and alllll

Happy New Year from all the ex Editorial staff of LB! :wink:

Feliç Any Nou! from Barcelona.

Happy new year lovely people.

It’s been a pleasure spending it in your company :slight_smile:

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year!


Just home from watching the fireworks from Vauxhall bridge. Very impressive and well worth the effort to get into town.

Have a great 2013 people, lets make it one to remember, for all the right reasons.

A very happy new year everyone, this hope 2013 brings some excellent riding weather to enjoy:D

Happy New Year to you all on LB - and a great 2013!! Ride safe. You are all fantastic people. Had a lovely New Year!!
Unfortunately I must apologize to Chris and Julie Jetstream, as after you phoned me earlier, I accidently called you back at 2.15am thinking you were Tops Mini Cab firm. I do hope I did not wake you up and very sorry. Tops Mini Cabs is one to avoid btw, as they are crap.

See you all in 2013.

Happy New Year LB Family

Hope 2013 is fantastic for you and yours !!!

Happy New Year all! Lots of wine, pina colada and champagne last night, and now up early to go skiing - perfect start to the year :slight_smile:

Happy New year LBer’s!

Looking forward to more Rideouts this year!

Don’t worry Hels, we didn’t hear it (probably the battery died after all the people we phoned that night;) )

To everyone we didn’t manage to phone or text, Happy New Year to all :kiss: