Happy Monday!

Howdy all,

It’s annoying (but also a relief) to find out that I’ve been living a ten minute walk away from Borough Market for two years (and also going out biking on my own quite a lot) when there seems to be a massive biker meet happening every week on my doorstep. Sheesh!

Must pop along. What happens down there? Is everyone drinking fizzy pop? As it’s so close, my instinct is to leave the Bandit at home and come down there wearing a sign on my head. Look out for the guy without a bike with a pint in his hand?

Like riding bikes more than I like talking about them. Any rideouts going on?


You wants the rideoots section . The title of this thread has given me a slight dissypointment that Bez aint signed up .

You’re getting warmer …

Have a look in here inter webby linky wotsit

47 views…three replies…it’s a start!

Getting dating site flashbacks are you ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: I keep meaning to get to bm but I end up feeling crap or the bloody rain won’t give up, you never know the forecast isn’t to bad for this week so health permitting I might be able to give it a go. :smiley: