Happy [email protected] Valentines day to me

I came home today and my 125 was gone

I dont feel angry or enraged just upset and tired

How long do claims generally take?

So sorry to hear this.

Not sure about the claims but someone will no doubt jump in and let you know.

Thefts (as long as police called + stored as described in quote) normally are paid within 2-3weeks (just in time for the 07 plate) from some of the people i know who had to claim - bennetts and carol nash seem to be really quick turnaround (unless its an accident - speaking from past experiance with both)

Sorry to hear this - hope it is quick!

Sorry Know how you feel - hope it sorts quickly

sorry to here about your bike its getting worse…thieving scum


I moved from my parents home about 2 months ago now and it was parked outside the new place

When I got back today and it wasnt there I was dumbfounded then thought it was my boyfriend/housemates playing tricks on me

But unfortunately not

It had a chain and disc lock

Oh no darling i`m sorry that some scumbag has taken it. Hope you get a new one soon.

Oh FA sorry sweetie,

what a crap thing to happen to you today of all days barstewards.

Ann x

v sorry to hear about your bike

Very sorry to hear that awful news; Claims take six weeks minimum.

unlucky there…

chase the claim…it should be sorted in no time at all hopefully.
at least your alright.

i take it, it’s been reported so it’s up on PNC too.
let’s hope it’s found & in one piece…we wish!.

good luck with it.

aww im really sorry to hear about this!!!

Oh No! That’s awful. F**king scum

When my first SV was stolen it took 8 weeks, mainly because they found the frame and engine and had to wait for an assessor to come round to tell me the bike was a write off. Would been quicker if they hadnt found it.