Happy birthday

Happy birthday to GSXR ROCKER and KIZZERDRIX

hope you both have a good day

ride safe ginger

Happy brithday guy`s.

Happy birthday GSXR ROCKER and KIZZERDRIX, have a lovely day.

Have a good 'un !

Happy birthday to both of you, have a good un…:smiley:

Happy Berday you two, hoping you have a wonderfull day :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday guys!!!

Cheers people.

Got up put the WSB on the box, opened cards and shook for cash and yes some fell out, woo hoo, lol.

Gonna watch the racing for the next few hours, ( i see Bi*ggi is still a prick!).

Cheers, John.

Happy Birthday to you both - have a good day :smiley:

Happy Birthday peeps :wink:

Happy Bathday chaps:cool:

happy birthday guys, enjoy the racing :smiley:

i have the rellies over so its on record :doze:

Happy birthday guys! John, hope Jill spoils you rotten :smiley:

happy birthday guys!!

have a a good’un :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday guys, hope you both manage to get out for a birthday thrash!:smiley:


Happy birthday, have a good 'un.