Happy Birthday Zeph

Happy Birthday Paul, i hope everything is well with you and the girls are going to treat you to a special day of pampering.

Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday luvvie:D hope mich and vix spoil you rotten today;)

Wishing you a great day!

Happy Birthday Paul! :smiley:

Doesn’t seem like a year since we were all staggering around central London celebrating your last birthday! :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday Dad! :smiley:

Nope, we haven’t seen him, he’s been at Sharon’s and is at his works xmas party tonight. Easy birthday for us this year! Lol :wink:

Growing old disgracefully! Suit and tie affair for the party tonight. He’s dressing up like he’s someone out of my chemical romance or kasabian! With the military jacket and even the matching converse! :hehe: Hope they let him in Lol :wink: (I’ve told him to take a real pair of shoes, just in case!)

He’s just going to be staggering around with everyone from work! Hope he still has a job monday! :hehe:

Happy birthday mate. Have a good’un

Good on you - inspirational! I normally don’t go to my office Summer/Christmas parties because they expect us there in black tie/tux (as if I’m going to spend drinking money on suit hire!?)

Give 'em what for (and I hope they let you in!)

Happy birthday Paul, have a good one:)

Thanks guys , got ever so slightly drunk last night at the office party but at least i didnt fall down the stairs this time .
good job sharon can drive and got us home this morning cos i had some difficulties with co ordination .

Happy Birthday m8!

Happy Birthday Paul!

No balloon this year I’m afraid! :wink: