Happy Birthday Westie

Happy birthday darling :wink:

Hey Matt, Happy Birthday mate sorry I couldn’t make Sat night :frowning:

I hear certain stories about a beret that made me chuckle so sounds like you had a blast.

Catch up soon

MHR :slight_smile:

thankyou my darlings, love to you all, i had to get the anti ageing cream out today…:D:w00t:

Bit late for that love :wink:

Happy Birthday mate.

happy birthday hun!!
hope u had a wicked cool day

Westie is that the same cream you got off me.:wink:

no love, that was for your clymidia…:D:w00t:

Happy Birthday Matt:cool:

Thanks chunks… :slight_smile:

I hope you have celebrated in true scouse tradition Westie… Torching a motor;):smiley: