Happy Birthday Wee Darlin

Ahh Happy Birthday Gems!

Thank you so much for the treatment you gave me lasr year and I hope that you have a very happy birthday filled with lots of love (and presents!)



Happy Birthday Wee Darlin, have a good day and try not to drink to much!

Happy Birthday :smiley:

Crikey that year went quick :w00t:

Happy Birthday

MHR :slight_smile:

Have a good un !

happy b-day Wee Darling

have a good one:)



Happy Birthday Gems, hope you have an absolutey fab day :slight_smile:

Happy Burpday Gems!! :D:w00t::smiley:

Hope you have a great day.

Happy Birthday Gem’s… :smiley:

See you down the square sometime…

RR :slight_smile:

happy birthday lady!!!
hope u have had a wicked cool day
and when i come back we’ll go out for drinks and dinner

Happy birthday :slight_smile:

happy birthday!!!:slight_smile:

i did it in person but i’ll put it in writing


(for yesterday xx)

I missed that post. :crazy:

Happy Birthday!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

Shucks guys thanks so much! massive grin :D:D:D

Miss Haggis took me away for the night to Suffolk and we rode some of the best roads ever, we pulled into a garage for petrol in two places in the first a load of off road nuts who we chatted with for ages and the second had a custom chopper garage behind who let us look around their workshop! the weather was glorious and I have never smiled so much in all my life - the British countryside was breathtaking :stuck_out_tongue:

Sincere my absolute pleasure - anytime sweetheart x

lol debs thanks for the boobs luv :wink: x

Rana - look forward to it hunny x

Bluestar - had a fab day at the farm, thanks so much for the excellent company xxxx

the rest of you guys (especially the ones I havent yet met) hope to see you all soon many thanks xxxx :smiley: