Happy Birthday to Slan

Happy Birthday Ruth,

Hope you have a great day.xx

I don’t need your sympathy thread :crazy:

Haha thank you, I will be sure to finish this day the way I started it 28 years ago…on my back! :laugh:

Drunk or in the arms of another???

happy birthday

Alles gute zum Geburtstag Ruth!

Drunk of course :smiley:

Danke sehr Nick :slight_smile:

If I still worked in Mayfair I would have told you to pop in to get a free bottle of bubbly and you could have drank it from a champagne glass modelled after Kate Moss’s boobie!

Prize for most original chat up line surely :slight_smile:

Small glass though, nowt wrong that :wink:

A shot glass :wink: not that I have much room to talk in that dept!

Happy birthday Ruth :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Ruth!

Happy Birthday Ruth! xx

Belated birthday wishes Ruth! Xx Sorry just seen this…