Happy Birthday Silver!

Just thought I’d say Happy birthday Silver, lol! Have a good one mate… Don’t get too drunk…


Happy Birthday Silver indeed! Doing anything special, or treating yourself to any birthday presents?

All the best mate!

Happy bday. Hope u had a good one.


HI there Silver… Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY… Hope you have a gooooood night out!!! Any bike related presents?

Many Happy Returns Silver, hope you have a good one.

Bloody hell, I’ve only just seen this!

Cheers guys. Needless to say, I got very drunk - had a surprise party thrown for me in a local hall (I was expecting to go to the pub). Can’t remember after about 10pm. Check out the picture - that’s a £23 pint!


Belated HB fella! So what’s in the drink, gold?

It’s a “top shelfer” (i.e. just about every spirit and short from the bar in a pint glass)

Needless to say I couldn’t drink much of it, but we finished it between us!

better late than never happy birthday!

Happy birthday Silver (surfer)

lol, 27 days ago and ppl are still wishing you a Happy Birthday mate!


Hey join the club…Happy Birthday mate LOL