happy birthday ms-mad-dog-hofty

to my darling sweet heart

happy birthday baby

have a great day ol girl:P

love you lots xxx



Happy Birthday Miss Mad Dog

Dont eat all her cake Darren :w00t:

What a cool cake! Happy Birthday!

Happy,happy birthday!!!:smiley:

Ahhh, that’s so sweet Mad-dog, Ms-Mad-Dog have a slappy burpday!

Go mad and ride the cake! :smiley:

Hey S! Very, very Many Happy Returns Of The Day!

Have a good one girl !

happy birthday ms-mad-dog! I hope that mr. mad-dog is spoiling you and buying you that ducati thats on your cake! :smiley:

Have a cracking day!!

happy birthday to Ms MDD :wink:

Hippy bithday

Happy birthday Ms Mad Dog i trust you make him run around after you all day like your slave lol

Have a lovely day

Happy Birthday Ms M-D-H. What an awesome cake!

Happy birthday Mrs Mad Dog, Many happy returns of the Day, What is he Getting you ? A new bike maybe;)

Have a Great Day!!!


Happy birthday!! Cool cake!!! Maybe theres a real one outside with a big red bow on it!!!:smiley:

Thank’s 4 all the B’day messages…

& Darren…I didn’t even get my cake :crying:… (TUT TUT TUT)!!!

Thats cause the greedy git ate it all :w00t:Think you should buy your lovely lady a blinged moto :cool: Then i wont have to be the one scraping you off the floor darren :w00t:


Happy Birthday hinny! Hope its a goodun! :smiley:

Happy birthday!!
Any good pressys? New bike? :cool: