Happy Birthday Mr. Yellow!!!!

Terry , formerly known as a ZX6R Yellow, all the best mate!!!



LOL, nice one Rottie! Happy Birthday Terry So what’s planned?

You’re posting on the wrong forum for Terry to be reading…

But happy birthday Tel, should you remember your real mates once in a while…

Happy birthday mate!

Heh, so which forum is he posting in now then?

Hi guys cheers! Rottie you sod posting that picture makes me look like a t1t! I have got the day off relaxing and spending it with my new girlfriend She brought us tickets to see little Britain live next week what a star!!! Also booked a hotel for the night!

So where is my LB present hey nice LB t shirt wouldn’t go a miss because I am such a loyal member to the site! Jay??? very nice man that you are or am I pushing my luck?

By the way double celebration the new other half Karen passed her CBT Saturday too! result she will be down the ace with us next summer!

Thanks for the wishes!

Rottie, how did you remember it was my b day anyway mate I am touched!

thought you were ‘touched’… LOL LOL

Well done to Karen, another two wheeler is born!!

Happy Birthday Terry!!!

Happy Birthday mate, rottie clearly loves u enough to remember these things…nice pic…:open_mouth:

Terry seems like ure gf treats u well! Mine didnt even come to my birthday!

Take it ez big man and have a good day

Have a nice one mate! Today is my wifes birthday as well!

Happy birthday Terry & Madeleine, and congrats to Karen!

Happy birthday Tel and Cezars wife. Hope they both have a great day!

My Birthday as well today

Have a good one

Happy birthday mate, have a good one

happy birthday all of u!

Happy Birthday Dude… Hope you have a blinder!!!