Happy Birthday Miggy!

Hope you have a great day!

yesh! happy birthday miggy!

have a great day mate:)


MHR :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday mate:D

Happy Birthday Miggy :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday :kiss:


Doh, Loads of people beat me to it mate!

Well happy birthday, and enjoy Leeds. Its a good night out but you wouldnt wanna live there :wink:

See you sunday

Happy Birthday :smiley:

Happy Birfday Miggy:)

Have a good one

happy birthday :slight_smile:

happy birthday:cool:

Happy Birthday Miggy:D

Have a good one mate :cool:

Thank you guys!

had a fantastic time and havent gone to bed since friday!

Proper session!:smiley:


Its funny to see you type “proper session” Being from up north its a local saying, and I just cant imagine your portuguese accent saying it…

hehehehehe :stuck_out_tongue: