Happy Birthday KTMMartin

I would guess this is the perfect kind of day for your birthday mate, wet and muddy in places, your bike will love it:P

Have a great day fella maybe catch you at BM tonight if your going.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Dank Birthday! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, have a good one!

Happy birthday trecle!!

have a great day


happy birthday fella go hit some lanes and rivers instead of the clubs and if you get stuck go shoot some stuff lol

Happy Birthday to you,

Who needs a KTM for adventure and offroading when a Gixxer can do it just as well

Happy Birthday Martin, have a couple of beers and go and play in the sand. :smiley:

Lovely day for someone who rides a KTM ( i dont know if you do, just going by your username!!):smiley:

Happy birthday Martin… you lucky bastid, its raining so you also get a clean bike as a present! :smiley: :w00t:

Happy birthday mate :smiley:

nah he’s a Kernel Transaction Manager :hehe: :w00t: :hehe: :w00t:

Happy Birthday mate!! hope you have a good one :stuck_out_tongue:

by the way, how many miles have you clocked today?

Happy Birthday Martin!

Happy Birthday Martin!

Happy Birthday mate! :smiley:

As you can see, Martin has had a very interesting birthday! :stuck_out_tongue:



Mate, I’m 100% in love with that girl - sad enough to say I already have this link in my favourites!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes peeps - I’ve had far too much to drink today to have been anywhere near a motorbike, so sadly the paintshaker only enjoyed the wet ride in to work (5 miles) - and yes it is marginally cleaner! :slight_smile:

In other news, I also got the rear brake light working! (for now…)

See you sober next Wednesday!