Happy Birthday Kevsta!

Happy brithday sweetpeas :slight_smile:

I hope you have a great day


Cheers SM, will be leaving home shortly to head down to Stonehenge to watch the sun rise. Meeting up with Simonrides and Busa55 along the way. :cool:

Good thing I can’t sleep! :smiley:

Happy Birthday Don Bussell :wink:

See if the Druids have any Philosopher’s Stone truffles :smiley:

Happy Burfday Sweetie :kiss:

Happy Birthday, don’t get stoned :smiley:

have a good one :wink:

Happy Birthday Kev.

Have a rocking day:D

Happy Birthday Kev

Hope you have a good day.

Happy Birthday Kev xx

Happy Birthday Kev

Hope you managed to avoid the Druids on the way home. We had one chase us all the way back to the M3:w00t:

Happy birthday fella

Well so far so good. Just got back from a lovely run. A360 north from Stonehenge and follow various roads to the A4, and then the A355 north through Slough. Some fantastics roads. Excellent start to the day.:smiley:

Now for some shut eye, once I changed the dressing on the ankle.

Happy Birthday DAYGLO DEREK :D:D

Hope you have a great day mate :slight_smile:

happy birthday mate!

Happy Birthday!:w00t:

Happy burpday! :slight_smile:

MHR Kev:cool:

Happy Birthday fella

Happy Birthday :smiley:

happy birthday hop-a-long :wink: