Happy Birthday Karen (Grid Girl)

Many happy returns babe, I hope you have a good one xx

Yeah I’ll second that, many happy returns Karen :slight_smile:

You beat me to it!!! :smiley:



Happy Birthday Karen! :smiley:


happy birthday karen


Have a great one :smiley:

Happy birthday Karen :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday :smiley:

Happy birthday Karen, have a goodun!

happy birthday! hope u have a great day

morning Grid Girl, Happy Happy n all that jazz

Many Happy Returns, 21 again huh :wink:

Went in to see the teas maid yesterday only to be told he had whisked you off to Paris for your birthday :pinch: hang on, got that bit wrong :Whistling: lol Have a great day whatever you’ll be doing.

happy happy :slight_smile:

Have a good 1:D

Happy Birthday GG, you come to newbie nite to get the bumps ? :smiley:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

plenty fuel and plenty fire 'cos that’s wot u desire :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday! :smiley: