Happy Birthday Ginger!!!!!

Happy Birthday sweetheart.

I’ve enjoyed some of the best memorable times with you, too many to mention in fact. Even tho you can be a complete pain in the bum, you are a LB treasure.

Have a wonderful birthday


Happy Berfday Fella - have a goodie :smiley:

MHR Graham ;):smiley:

Congratulations from your favourite Kraut! :smiley:

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Ginger.

Happy Birthday mate.

Hippy bathday mate

Hope its a good’un G!:w00t:

Happy Birthday Graham, have a good one:)

Happy birthday Ginge :smiley: you can be a pain in the bum but we all know you’ve got a heart of gold, have a good one :slight_smile:

hey ginge, just love that lime green suit…will never forget seeing you in that…anyway have a good one you sure are a treasure to LB…

Happy Birthday Ginger, hope you have a great day ! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday to you, squashed tomatoes and stew, bread n’ butter in the gutter, happy birthday to you:)

Happy birthday graham, I think lou’s picture sums you up nicely :D:D

Don’t know about that. I have some images of Ginger embedded in my subconscious that still do damage years later!

All the best mate!

Happy Birthday Frank and Beans have a good day fella:)

Happy birthday graham luvvie:D

:kiss: Happy big fella!

happy birthday, many happy returns - hope you’ll have a great day :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Ginge, hope you have a fantastic day.