Today is Gingers Birthday!


Have a grand day!!!

Lucky git having your birthday on a friday!!

Happy birthday dude

Happy Birthday big man take it ez on the cake…

Happy Birthday Ginger!!!

Have a good one!!

How many candles can you get on a double burger with doughnuts?

Many happies mate!

Happy birthday! Have a goodun

happy birthday Ginge

Happy Birthday, have a good’un

Happy birfday to you,
Happy birfday to you,
Happy Birfday dear Ginger( Dont tell anyone but his real name is graham)
Happy birfday to you.

Have a good un mate,

Happy Birthday Mate !!

Have a good one…you deserve it !!

Easy on the Jelly and Ice Cream !!

as keti says im still a youngen being only 23

Happy birthday mate.

Is it beer or bike tonight?

Happy birthday Ginger

probably bike tonight

Happy birthday sweetie! Gosh, I can’t believe how young you are - lucky git.

Come down to Popins tonight so I can buy you a lemonade and a packet of crisps to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Ginge!

happy birthday dude

Happy birthday G…you young whipper snapper you

happy b/day ginge only 23