Happy Birthday Debz

Happy Birthday Debz

Hope to see you soon,


Hippy Bithday Debz

Good work Ang :wink:

Happy Birthday Darling :smiley:

many happy returns ,ole girl:Dxx

Many happy returns:)

Happy Birthday Debz, have a wicked day!!:slight_smile:

Happy birthday Debs :kiss:

Happy Birthday :slight_smile: !

Happy Birthday. Hope its a goodun! :smiley:

happy birthday! have a good day xxx x

happy birthday, have a lovely day x

Happy birthday gorgeous!

Have a lovely day, Happy Birthday. :w00t:

Right an all !! u go for that triple choc top muffin, after all, its ur burfday…:stuck_out_tongue: Get a pic of Grim with nothing but ur pinny on doing the washing up and cooking for u on ur one day off from it all a year yeh? :w00t:

Failing that, just chuck him, literally, on the bed and have ur wicked way with him…lucky you !!! :wink:

Have a good un, whatever flavour you chose !! hee hee

I am still recovering from last years ravaging :crazy::smiley:

Dont you mean last NIGHTS one? Debz didnt get to bed till 5 am??? hmmmm so it wasnt YOU eh??? while the cats away …:w00t: I know, she was too busy beating me at WORDBLOODYTWIST again !!!

I think she was playing Wordtwist! :w00t:

ha ha, thats what i just put on my last post !! (edited after)…ha ha ha bloody women !! walking dictionary i tell u !!! is that whats shes reading on the loo??

combine arfister!!!

Have a good one

Happy Birthday Debz x

Better late than never eh;)