Happy Birthday Debz

Happy Birthday Debz, hope you have a good one… If Grim can’t think of anywhere to take you tonight come to the Ace, Mark said he’s looking forward to giving you the bumps :smiley:

Happy birthday luvvie:D hope you have a wicked day;)

Happy Birthday Debz hope you meet all your deadlines :wink:

Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Debz! :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday!!:smiley: I hope you have a great day xx

oh well, so much for keeping it quiet, lol.

Happy birthday :kiss:

Couldn’t possibly do that :smiley: When have you known Debz to do anything quietly LOL :w00t:

errmmm, fair point - sorry Debz, lol

happy birthday Deb, where is the cake ?

Penblwydd Hapus

Happy birthday babe :kiss:

Happy Burpday Debz!!! :D:w00t:

Happy Bithday - have a great day :cool:

Happy Birthday Debz… :smiley:

Happy birthday. :slight_smile:

Only just crawled out of bed and for all the wrong reasons - finally got there about 5am and all I could see in my dreams were bike panels! :w00t:

Thanks for the birthday wishes - not sure if I am going to the Ace later Ang - was hoping for a tad more excitement :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday x