Happy Birthday Broady

Happy Birthday fella

Hope your having a stress free day.

Happy birthday hun :kiss:

happy birthday mr smooth:smooooth:

have a good one!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! :slight_smile:


Happy Duncan Birthday!??! :smiley:

Hope you have a good day mate.

Happy Birthday!

Happy B day!

Happy birthday - Friday night also - I guess the pub will be on big time! :smiley:

Happy birthday Broady…hope it’s a nice unbusy day:)

Happy birthday mate :smiley:

Happy Burfday matie

Welcome to the old timers club :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Dunc :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday old man, hope you’re having a good one, if you happen to be working and stuck outside No.10 on HGR let me know and I’ll bring you a coffee! :smiley:

Happy birthday mate :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody,driving the Big Red car around today,just had a fat boys breakfast,a few beers later in Charing X Rd:D

Feeling a very young 46,apart from the buggered knees of course!

Happy Birthday xx

Happy Birthday you old git;):smiley:

You’ve caught me up for the next 6 months:P

Have a good one mate.

I wonder if 46 candles will fit on a Krispy Creme;):smiley:

Hippy bithday Dunc

Let’s hope you get a nice warm car to sit in today:)